US Flooring makes every effort to combine outstanding workmanship with an incredible selection of wood flooring to choose from. US FLOORING has the knowledge to reflect your style. Wood floors are a lifetime investment and decisions concerning them should not be taken lightly, choosing a qualified professional can ensure that you get a beautiful floor. Our mission is to help you understand the sales and installation process of wood flooring products, such that you will be able to make educated choices and decisions about your investment.

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We install all types of laminate floors, engineered, hardwood  floors, unfinished hardwood floors, prefinished hardwood floor, we also provide all types of laminate and hardwood  flooring repairs.

New Floor Installation

A new installation can take from 1 to 2 days (about 1 day for 500-1000 square feet) There are many product choices available for new floor installations, from traditional wood types and board dimensions to many prefinished and “engineered” flooring products. While there are products offered in a broad price range, budget may be just one determinant in selecting a flooring material. Relative strength, design considerations, and sub floor type may also be important factors. If you are considering installing a new floor you need to make an appointment to visit our showroom to look at samples and speak with an estimator about the details of your new floor installation.

Wood Care Tips

Our quality installations coupled with our business knowledge are just the beginning of your new flooring asset.  With regular protection you will protect your new floors and preserve the manufacturer’s warranty all the while extending the beauty and wear of your floors for years to come. For cleaning make sure ...

Floor Repair

US Flooring installers can repair or replace damaged boards in your floor. We will provide the same type and quality of wood as your existing flooring, but it is important to note will not always produce an exact match when replacing boards. Smaller defects, such as holes and gaps ...

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Installation Services

Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood Floor Installation

We Provide Hardwood Floor Installation Services

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